On the 26th of June in Las Vegas, Nevada, a live demonstration of the UpSurg application has been performed during the ASMBS meeting.

MyApphone developed during the last 12 months the application UpSurg and all of its technical components (box, platform, smartphone and tablet apps on both iOS and Android, internet interface).

UpSurg is a unique solution that enables a surgeon to interact through a smartphone or tablet application with an advisor/mentor/student in total mobility no matter where they are on the globe. This way, the surgeon can communicate with his or her counterpart in real time and receive text and voice comments, as well as written remarks or diagrams on the screen of his operation.

During ASMBS meeting, this world premiere took place when Dr Patrick Noel performed a Band-to-Sleeve operation and interacted through UpSurg platform with the chairman of the session, Dr Michel Gagner.

MyApphone, who is really proud to be involved in the UpSurg project, is more and more present in the medical sector, developing applications for healthcare industries. You can find more informations by visiting, www.myapphealth.com

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